Recommended Colleges

The choice of if and where to attend college is increasingly difficult for young people and their families. The cost of higher education has become a terrible burden; and job prospects rarely match the promise of the degree program. In addition, the academic and moral quality of college education is increasingly suspect. Classes are often full of agendas and propaganda; and often times the agendas are starkly anti-Christian. 

Because of this, our church and school offer the following recommendations:

Concordia University, Nebraska - 
CUNE is a well-established Lutheran University in Eastern Nebraska. It offers a number of traditional academic programs and a Christian environment. 

Luther Classical College, Casper, WY (Opening 2025) -
The college will provide a conservative, classical Lutheran education to Lutheran students. Paramount will be the promotion of Christian culture, a stress on the priority of Christian marriage, family, and piety, and a cultivation of confessional Lutheran theology, liturgy, hymnody, and identity.  With courses using the “great books” of the past for the core curriculum, the college will offer Latin, history, theology, literature, logic, rhetoric, music, geometry, biology, and mathematics, all within a purposefully Christian and Lutheran framework.

If you need help evaluating other options for college education, please reach out to us at the church or school. We would be glad to talk and pray with you about your options.