Friends of the Congregation

Dear Friends of the Congregation,

We trust this letter finds you well and God has continued to care for you since you were members at Immanuel.  We know God has used our congregation to be a blessing in the lives of many people and He used you as a part of extending that blessing through your ministry and service at Immanuel.

We are excited about what is happening at our congregation and it’s also the reason for this letter.  A little more than a year ago, our congregation was led by God to enter into a bold new venture of faith-that of starting a K-4 parochial school, in addition to our successful preschool.  This was realized on August 20, 2014 when school started in a newly remodeled building in Alliance with three teachers from our congregation.  Our 50 child preschool and teacher also moved to the new school.  This undertaking will stretch us in enormous ways to pursue God’s mission for our church in our community.

We know Immanuel was a significant place in your lives and you have had an important part in our ministry.  As we enter into a major capital campaign in the next few months, information can be sent to you explaining this effort.  If you prefer not to be included in this material, please let us know and your name will be removed from our mailing list of Raising Disciples.

We are pleased to help with a small part of this endeavor and felt that you might like to be included because of your previous interest in our congregation and our school. Please join us in praying that God will abundantly bless our venture. 

In Christ, for our Raising Disciples campaign,


Don & Marilyn Banks

Friends of the Congregation Directors