From the Bulletin...

PORTALS OF PRAYER, APRIL THRU JUNE: Now available in the narthex


EASTER LILY FOR WOODEN CROSS: There is a sign up chart in the Narthex to sign if you would like to share an Easter Lily for the wooden cross on Easter Morning. Please bring to church on or before Saturday the 20th of April. Thank you and if any questions please call Bev Schnell 762-5445.

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE PLANNING TO ATTEND A MISSOURI SYNOD COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY? The Wyoming District LWML has $1,000 scholarships available. But hurry; deadline is March 31. Contact the office for scholarship forms.


THE PROPHET ISAIAH will be the next study undertaken by Bible Break study group. Join us for an enlightening journey through the book of Isaiah.


FASTING WORKSHOP, sponsored by the Board of Stewardship, will be held this Sunday, March 24, beginning at 2:00 pm. Come and learn more about both the physical and spiritual benefits that fasting can provide (as well as how to do it). Dr. Tim Narjes and Pastor Schnare will be speaking on this topic from both a physical and spiritual health perspective.


STEWARDSHIP THOUGHTS: Luke 13:3 – “No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish.” The season of Lent is all about repentance – turning back to the Lord, away from our sins, in faith. We know that it is only in the Lord that we can find salvation. So we do well in this season of repentance to examine ourselves, asking questions like, “What is trying to keep me away from Jesus?” “What is a temptation I face?” “What is a sin I need to repent of and leave behind?” They we turn to the Lord for the strength to leave these sins behind, and wepray fro the courage to follow Him in faith and faithful living.


LIFE QUOTES: “The Virgin Mary’s womb became the dwelling place of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, the Word by whom all things were made. Within the first month, the heart of the Logos in human flesh was beating, like ours, with electrical impulses, pumping blood through His body, blood He would later shed for our sins. But the full miracle of the Incarnation was not just in seeing the Man in the flesh but much more: in Mary’s Son we saw with our eyes real things that are only visible by their effects: divine mercy, love, compassion, faith, meekness, and justice.”


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