Our Scrip Program

Our scrip program through Great Lakes Scrip Center offers us a way to earn money when you purchase gift cards to use for your everyday shopping or gift giving. Retailers offer us a discount on their gift cards, you buy them at face value and we earn the difference!! Scrip can be purchased after Divine Service on Sunday mornings and at the school when school is in session. 

We currently have gift cards on hand for:

Alliance Theatre ($10)
Amazon (can print immediately in $10 increments)
Arby's ($10)
Burger King ($10)
Cabela's ($25) Can print immediately in $50 increments
Dairy Queen ($10)
Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster $25)
Fizzy's ($10 and $20)
Grocery Kart ($25, $50 & $100)
Home Depot ($25) (Can print immediately in $10 increments Minimun $30)
Kmart ($25 and $50)
Maurices ($20)
Menards ($25)
Roller Hardware ($25)
Pizza Hut ($10)
Shopko ($25)
Sinclair ($25 and $100)
Subway ($10 and can reload)
Taco Johns ($10)
Target ($10 and $25) Can print immediately in $10 increments
Walmart ($25 and $100) Can print immediately in $10 increments

We can also order any other retailers that you would like and also have the ability to get some almost instantly through a printed certificate.

Click the link below to view the complete retailer list 

Master Retailer List

You can order in person with a secretary at the school or online. To order online, just visit www.shopwithscrip.com, use our enrollment code 6919LC7L39493 to make an account, order and come back here to make your payment through the green Online Giving button below. Just select "scrip order" and enter your order # when making your payment .