Prayer Team

THE PRAYER TEAM is excited to be a part of our church's Raising Disciples Capital Campaign. Our purpose is to pray for our church, campaign, and each other. We are eager to encourage each of you and your family to join with us in our endeavor. What a great opportunity to teach kids about prayer and to set an example by making prayer a daily priority for your family.

We are so privileged to pray for you, and are looking forward to this ministry. We remember the words in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing." As we strive to do so, we encourage you to join us by looking for these current and upcoming events!

Prayer Reminder Cards: An example prayer, placed in your church mailbox. Please post in your home in a prominent place (such as a bathroom mirror) to remind you and your family to pray for our church, school, and campaign. Extra copies may be found in the narthex.

Prayer Request Cards: Green slips of paper found in the pews at church. There is comfort to be found in prayer. Please fill out requests and know others will be praying for you! Requests may be placed in the offering baskets during any service. Then look for your prayer request in the narthex with the signature of the child who prayed for your request.

Prayer Walk: This event will be at the school on Sunday, November 9th, after Divine Service until 3pm. Come spend time in silent or family prayer as you visit each classroom and different prayer stations and fill the school with prayer! This is a self-guided event, so take as little or as much time as needed!

Look for more prayer events during advent season as we surround our church, school and campaign in prayer!