2022/23 Tuition & Fees: 

  • Application Fees (non-refundable)
    Preschool - $60                                                               
    K-8 - $125 per student (with a $250 per family max)
  • Book Fees
    ALL Kindergarten and New students - $85
  • Tuition
    2 Day/week AM Pre-School (Mon/Wed AM) $110/month Sept - May          
    4 Day/week PM Pre-Kindergarten (Mon-Thurs) $130/month Sept - May 
    ALL DAY Pre-Kindergarten (Mon-Thurs) $240/month Sept - May

    K-8th $3,300/year: we accept monthly payments over 10 or 12 months, or biannual and annual payments as well.
  • A multi-student discount will be given to households with 3 students enrolled in K-8th grades. The discount will be $500 per household per year. Any households with 4 or more students enrolled K-8th grade will receive an additional $100 discount per student (after the first 3 students) per year. 

    Households with 3, K-8 students - $500 discount 
    Households with 4, K-8 students - $600 discount 
    Households with 5, K-8 students - $700 discount and so on.

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